Mix & Gro SMS

100% Spent Mushroom Substrate

Mix and Gro, LLC entered in to an exclusive Master Distributor Agreement with a CCOF and CDFA Certified Mushroom Farm in California. Our agreement allows us to private label the spent mushroom substrate that the farm generates after they clean out their mushroom grow rooms. The substrate is steamed pasteurized in the grow rooms before it is removed from the mushroom farm facility. The pasteurization temperature is set to a point that any pathogenic microorganisms are killed off, and whereas beneficial soil friendly microbes are left to propagate and thrive. You get the benefits of a pathogen-free and a beneficial bacteria/fungi dominate plant growth substrate. The substrate is packed with micro-nutrients to feed your plants and crops.

Mix & Gro SMS-MH is only available in bulk truckload quantities of 23 to 26 tons per delivery.